Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions

Some courses are free and some courses are paid, In App it's written there in course detail.
Beside every course it is mentioned ‘Free’ if the course is and free and if it is a paid course then an amount is mentioned.
You can pay using your Paytm wallet and debit/credit card through the Paytm gateway.
Yes. In each course, after the curriculum there is an instructor profile. You can view the instructors profile by clicking the ‘view profile’ button.
The ‘related courses’ section shows courses that are related to the current course you are browsing.
You can use further courses by purchasing an entire course from the listed courses.
No. You can access one chapter/module at a time. Once you finish all content in one module you can access the next one.
Login with eMedicoz account, choose your course, study the content available and then you can access a test of the same course.
No. It is available only in English.
You can start the test series by clicking on the start button located next to the name of the module.
As soon as you submit a test series, the performance of your test is automatically generated on the next window.
You can resume the test after opening the application.